Nadine Varga
Nadine is a multi-talented and certified dance professional with over 30 years of knowledge andexperience. She […]
Liz received her training in dance and musical theatre at Sheridan College, Oakville, where she also […]
Robyn is a seasoned veteran of the performance industry with over 30 years of professional experience […]
RAD-RTS, BATD, IADA, FIS (Canfitpro), Hons BA (Theatre & Performance), MA (Dance Education) Doctoral Student (Dance […]
Christine Howson hails from Eastern Ontario has been an adjudicator, former studio director for many years […]
Jill has been a director, choreographer, teacher, instructor and adjudicator. She is a graduate of the […]
Margaret Amato is a certified member of Dance Masters of America, BritishAssociations Teachers of Dance, International […]
Tracy Cairns-Sharp
An accomplished performer, Tracy has appeared in many Stage productions including A Day In Hollywood/ A […]
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